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The Key to Our Success is Our Staff

Hotel Sari Konak is beloved. Guests return over and over again. Internationally renowned guide books sing our praises. Professional news sources rave about us. Guests personally send us e-mails and letters effusively explaining how much they enjoyed their stay. The reviews found on hotel search sites such as TripAdvisor consistently explain at length how much they loved their stay with us and why they plan to return as soon as they can. Why? The answer is always the same. We offer the perfect mix of a charming, beautiful boutique hotel environment combined with traditional, personalized Turkish hospitality. And who is responsible for that? Our staff.

Our Greatest Asset—Our Staff


Mustafa is an old hand at assisting our guests. Coming all the way from the streets of L.A to Istanbul, Mustafa enjoys chatting with guests.


Always smiling and welcoming, Oktay works at our front desk.



Eser is in charge of breakfast.


Nurgül and Naciye

Nurgül and Naciye are housekeepers. They also help serve breakfast and cook for the staff every day.


Yeter has recently joined us, and she is a housekeeper.


Okan Brothers

The Okan Brothers are in charge of the hotel management. Murat is the younger brother of the two, and after working as a windsurf instructor in Club Med for many years, the wind brought him to Sari Konak. He is also a big basketball fan! Umit, an enthusiastic amateur photographer, knows Istanbul inside out. He is always more than happy to assist you with places to visit and to suggest good restaurants. He speaks French and English.

The Sari Konak Oteli
The Finest of Old Town Istanbul Hotels

Mr. and Mrs. Okan are the hosts of Istanbul Hotel Sari Konak. After many years of hotel management experience, the couple opened Hotel Sari Konak in 1996. Today, with their two sons, they are personally in charge. The staff of Hotel Sari Konak in Istanbul takes great pride in offering its guests a charming "home away from home." We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Staff

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