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Kurban Bayrami

Kurban Bayrami or the Festival of Sacrifice calls upon every Muslim, who can afford, to sacrifice an animal - a goat , sheep or a cow-in commemoration of Abraham's offer of his son's life at the command of God, who was substituted by a ram. According to Muslim belief, Prophet Abraham was put to a tough test by God to prove his faith. He was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. God stays Abraham's hand at the last moment and provides a ram for sacrifice instead, praising Abraham for his faithfulness.

The Sari Konak Oteli
The Finest of Old Town Istanbul Hotels

Mr. and Mrs. Okan are the hosts of Istanbul Hotel Sari Konak. After many years of hotel management experience, the couple opened Hotel Sari Konak in 1996. Today, with their two sons, they are personally in charge. The staff of Hotel Sari Konak in Istanbul takes great pride in offering its guests a charming "home away from home." We look forward to welcoming you.

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