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Restaurants at Grand Bazaar & Istanbul Spice Market

Imagine being in a place where there are thousands of restaurants from which to choose. Traditional Turkish, Italian, Chinese, and just about every other possible cuisine, rests within the realms of this ancient city. But you are in Istanbul, exploring the ancient culture of Turkey. Why would you want your taste buds to miss out on what your mind and eyes get to feast on? We recommend trying to dine at as many fantastic Turkish restaurants as possible while you are here. After all, this where the real stuff is.

You'll Be So Happy Our Hotel's Near the Istanbul Spice Market and Grand Bazaar

So many fine Turkish restaurants can be found in this bustling market near our Istanbul accommodations. We've provided a list of some sure winners, along with recommended dishes. The name for "restaurant" in Turkish is "Lokanta".

Hamdi Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant features delicious kebab dishes and gorgeous terrace views of the Galata Tower and Golden Horn restaurant near the Spice Market features beautiful terrace views of the Galata Tower and Golden Horn. If you'd like a table on the roof terrace, a reservation is required.

Develi Kebap Restaurant

Founded in 1912, this flagship restaurant is one among seven in Istanbul, and serves up a wide variety of fantastic kebobs as well as its beloved baklava.

Balikci Sabahattin Restaurant

Located very close to Hotel Sari Konak, Balikci Sabahattin Restaurant, is the seafood restaurant you're looking for, and in the restaurant's words, provides "a rich menu for exquisite guests."

Giritli Restaurant 

Among the top ten restaurants in Istanbul, Giritli serves up delicious seafood as well as a wide array of mezes (tapas or appetizers) and raki (anise-flavored liquor) and is located very close to the hotel.

Neyle Meyle and Cumhuriyet

We recommend Neyle Meyle and Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi for their consistently reliable dishes and services. However, myriad restaurants on Nevizade Street are equally good. Enjoy this lively row and use your street sense to discover more fantastic spots.

Hunkar Restaurant

Enjoy traditional Turkish dishes like lentil soup, fish kebabs and hummus. Located in the popular modern neighborhood known as Nisantasi, Hunkar Restaurant is a favorite of the hotel staff.

Haci Salih Lokantasi

With more than a century of history behind it, this Istiklal Street restaurant serves up traditional Turkish dishes for lunch only.

Restaurants in the Bosphorus Seaside Area

Along Bosphorus, the higher cost of the fare at most of the restaurants is well worth the price. Dining on divinely delicious dishes while overlooking breathtaking views of the sea is an absolutely priceless experience.

Bogazici Feriye Restaurant

Enjoy delicious Turkish appetizers, grilled meat and fresh fish at Bogazici Feriye. Catch a moment right before sunset to experience the romantic atmosphere.

Bogazici Borsa Restaurant

Though not directly along Bosphorus, Bogazici Borsa is one of the better Turkish fine dining restaurants in town, and is worth taking a walk off the beaten path.

Mikla Restaurant

The owner and operator of this fine establishment is the Turkish-Finnish chef Mehmet Gurs, who brilliantly combines one of the city's most sweeping views with a mouthwatering menu of Mediterranean dishes, all brushed with Turkish and Scandinavian influence that brings absolute delight to the senses and the palate.

Saf Restaurant

Are you vegetarian or vegan and looking for a fine dining option? Try Saf Restaurant. Enjoy deliciously healthy plant-based cuisine all crafted with organic products specially prepared to retain the utmost integrity of their nutritional value. Using a variety of techniques, most dishes are cooked below 48°C to preserve their healthy, energy-giving enzymes.

The Sari Konak Oteli
The Finest of Old Town Istanbul Hotels

Mr. and Mrs. Okan are the hosts of Istanbul Hotel Sari Konak. After many years of hotel management experience, the couple opened Hotel Sari Konak in 1996. Today, with their two sons, they are personally in charge. The staff of Hotel Sari Konak in Istanbul takes great pride in offering its guests a charming "home away from home." We look forward to welcoming you.

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